His Name is Asa: Part 1

nameisasapart1In honor of my sweet nephew Asa’s first birthday, I’m going to be sharing his story on my blog this week.  To read a little about his background, feel free to read some of my posts from last year and then tune in this week on April 27th, April 28th, April 29th and April 30th to read more.

God’s Plan (Written after the loss of my neice Abby)
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Asa’s Surgery Report (Written as he emerged from his surgery)
When God Says Wait

Here is Asa’s story:

His name is Asa.

He is exactly one year old today—sitting in his high chair eating a bacon-and-egg breakfast sandwich that he picked up to help him celebrate.  He is surrounded by family—parents, aunts, uncles, cousins—and perhaps most incredibly, his three-day old baby sister Alma who just arrived home from the hospital yesterday.

We look at his big brown eyes and light blonde hair and comment that he looks just like his cousins.   And then we all laugh.  Because we all know that while he may grow up having the same obsessive love of swimming like his sister Haddie or the ability to throw willy-nilly curveballs that fly over fences like his cousin Joey, his eyes are his and his alone.  And I smile at this mystery-baby-turned ours and remember once again the incredible gratitude we feel at the beautiful gift that has unfolded around us.  A gift that is so beautiful, so stunning and such a surprising twist on everything that we expected that we can’t help to wonder what else God has in store for baby Asa’s life.

But Asa’s story didn’t start out nearly as beautifully as it will end.  In fact, it started out with years of pain, desperation and hopelessness—broken pieces and seemingly unanswered prayers.  Through it all, I begged God to do something, anything, to ease our sorrows.  But he waited—much longer than any of us  would’ve liked—because he had a plan that was much bigger than anything I could’ve thought up.

God started orchestrating Asa’s story long before he was born—back when my sister was a fresh-faced newlywed dreaming of her future family.  Back when Alisa thought it would be easy to get pregnant, it would be easy to start a family, easy to fill her house with laughing children.  But God had other plans.  And He already knew about Asa.

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