His Name is Asa: Part 2

hisnameisasapart2If you missed Part 1 in this series, read it here.

Waiting is hard.  Especially when you’re not used to it.

My sister Alisa got pregnant fairly quickly with my niece Haddie—within a year of getting pregnant she had a beautiful red-headed baby girl in her arms.  And so, when Alisa and Peter decided to try again, they figured they would once again have a baby in their arms.  And soon.

But God asked Alisa and Peter to wait.  Wait as friend after friend got pregnant.  Wait as nieces and nephews—not one, not two, but four—were born.  Alisa waited as pregnancy test after pregnancy test came back negative month-after-month, year-after-year.  Alisa waited through months of adoption training and paperwork and countless hopes raised and then dashed as one baby after another was placed in the waiting arms of another mother.  Waiting through painful and costly infertility procedures and tests.  Because God had other plans.  And he already knew about Asa.

And then in July 2011, we found out that Alisa’s long and painful wait was finally over.  They had been chosen to adopt a beautiful baby girl.  We painted the nursery, bought pink ruffled dresses and itty bitty shoes and prepared our home for our precious new gift.  We laughed about how God had perfect timing, blessing Alisa and Peter with a baby just when they thought they couldn’t take another step forward without a baby in their arms. But God still had other plans.  Just one day after baby Abby was born, her birth mom changed her mind and decided to parent her.  And Alisa left the hospital frozen—wondering how something so beautiful could’ve gone so, so wrong.  Wondering how God could allow this kind of devastation and pain when they—when we all—had prayed so, so hard and waited so, so long.  But God already knew about Asa.

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