His Name is Asa: Part 4



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The call came on a Monday morning.  God had chosen this moment to show me the depth of his love.  Because while we had been waiting and waiting for a baby for Peter and Alisa, God had been waiting for this baby.  This child.  This wonderful blessing.  This moment.  Because as we prayed month-after-month to get pregnant, God knew Asa would need a name.  And as we prayed for baby Abby, God knew that Asa would need a mommy.  And as we doubted that God was even listening to our prayers, God was preparing each of our hearts for Asa.  Because Asa needed a home.  And a big, loud extended family to welcome him.

I can’t say that everything was rosy the second Alisa and Peter got that call and arrived in the NICU to meet their son the first time.  It was hard.  Asa spent 31 days in the NICU.  He had major surgery to put his intestines inside of his body when he was only a week old, and then spent three longs weeks struggling through a grueling and painful refeeding process where he was often hungry, in pain and inconsolable.  But Asa fought hard.  And he not only survived, but he thrived.  As if he knew that his Creator, his God had a plan for his life, a plan that went far beyond the pain of the NICU.

Exactly a month after the day of his birth, Alisa and Peter carried their son, God’s beautiful, precious and unexpected gift, home.  And as family and friends gathered around him to celebrate his much anticipated arrival home, We were all struck by how fully and completely God had answered all of my prayers. Because while each of us had been begging God to give us what we wanted, He had been orchestrating what He wanted behind the scenes.

Because God had always known about Asa.  And He had been planning for this day all along.

(P.S.  Alisa (surprise!) got pregnant with Alma just one month after Asa arrived home.  These “Irish Twins” are just short of one year apart.)





  1. This is such a precious and beautiful story. I remember praying for Asa and your family last year…and just about a week ago, he crossed my mind again. Thank you for the update. God is good…ALL the time.

  2. Erin, this story is incredible. I can’t imagine the tears shed through the heartache and the joys – each step purposed by God. His plans are always best. A great reminder.

  3. I thank God for this baby and for his new parents who’ve given lots of love to him.

    I pray that his biological mother knows Jesus as her Savior and will heal and not be condemned and hurt Satan’s lies.

    I also pray that Abby’s mother knows Jesus as her Savior and is raising Abby to know Jesus, too. I pray she is a good mother to Abby. May God bless her for choosing to raise her daughter.

    This situation brings joy and tears all in the same few minutes I read through it. Children are such a blessing, yet brought into such a cruel world…

  4. It is so amazing how much Asa looks like Will!!!!!! =)