Music Week Day 1: The Ultimate Summer Playlist

Music Week Day 1:  The Ultimate Summer Playlist


Welcome to The Christian Mama’s Guide Pin-Tastic Summer! If you’re just joining us, click over to our intro post to find out what we’re doing and to see what other crafts, activities and projects we’ve done.

This week, we’re having Music Week. Scroll down to learn how to make the ultimate summer playlist and then click here to find out what other awesome letter-loving activities we’ve done this week.


Today’s activity is actually supersimple– but I was surprised at how much my kids got into it.  They loved learning about different types of music and listening to new songs.

What you need:

  • A music app (we used Songza)
  • A pad of paper and a pen
  • A phone
  • Some time

What to do:

  • Have your kids call several people to ask about their favorite songs of all time.  Call grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
  • Write down the songs.
  • Go through the list and listen to the songs together, talking about what they like/don’t like.
  • If you can, put all of your songs together in a playlist to listen to again and honor your friends and family.

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