4th of July Week Day 1: Red, White and Blue Pinwheels

4th of July Week Day 1:  Red, White and Blue Pinwheels


Welcome to The Christian Mama’s Guide Pin-Tastic Summer! If you’re just joining us, click over to our intro post to find out what we’re doing and to see what other crafts, activities and projects we’ve done.

This week, we’re having 4th of July week. Scroll down to learn how to make Fourth of July Pinwheels and then click here to find out what other awesome musical activities we’ve done this week.


What you need:

  • Red, white and blue construction paper, cut into squares.
  • Push pins (I bought snazzy jeweled ones for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Thin dowels
  • scissors

What to do:

  • Stack two pieces of paper of two different colors on top of each other.
  • Fold both in half diagonally.
  • Open back up and fold in half the other way diagonally.
  • Cut from the corners halfway to the center.
  • Pin the pin onto one corner, then add a second corner, then the third.  Add the fourth and pin to the center.
  • Push the pin through the dowel.
  • If you want, tie a ribbon around your dowel.  (That’s Kate’s suggestion.  She wants me to make sure to tell you.)

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