Counting Week Day 4: Math Whiz Sticky Play Dough Game

Counting Week Day 4: Math Whiz Sticky Play Dough Game

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stickydoughblogMy kids LOVED this game.  They thought it was hilariously fun and didn’t even notice that they were counting and doing math.

What you need:

  • paper plates or bowls
  • play dough
  • a variety of small objects– paper clips, buttons, small toys, Legos, marbles

What to do:

  1. Smash play dough into a flat surface on the plate or bowl.  This took two jars of play dough for each plate for us, but ours is all mixed up anyway so that didn’t bother us.
  2. Put the bowl of small objects in the middle.
  3. Challenge your kids to see how many objects they can get to stick into their play dough without any falling.  They have to flip their plate over after every addition and call out how many objects they have on the plate.  As soon as an object falls, they have to start over.

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