Garden Week Day 2: Personalized Pots

Garden Week Day 2:  Personalized Pots


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I love planting flowers.  I often kill the flowers I plant but I love planting them and enjoying them nonetheless.  And so, today, I let my kids get involved in something I love by choosing, planting and learning to take care of their own plants.

What you need:

Go to the garden store and let each of your kids pick out:

*  A pot (ceramic or plastic)

*  A plant (my son chose herbs, my daughter flowers)

*  Potting soil

*  Gardening tools

*  A small watering can.

*  Glitter and acryllic paint (optional, if your kid wants to decorate his or her pot)

What to do:

1. Decorate your pots (if you want) with paint, glitter and ribbon.

2.  Have your kids pull the card out of their plant and read the instructions.  Ask them if their plant needs sun or shade, how much water, etc.

3.  Plant the pots using soil.

4.  Help your kid come up with a good location for it (ie. sun or shade, etc.)

5.  Remind your kid how to take care of his or her plant.

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