Back to School Week Day 1: Homework Drawers

Back to School Week Day 1:  Homework Drawers


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This week, we’re having back-to-school week. Scroll down to learn how to make homework drawers and then click here to find out what other awesome math activities we’ve done this week.



For those of you who don’t know, we have decided to enroll our kids in a new school this year.  I know this is a big about-face for us– we really liked the public school they were in and the teachers they had were absolutely fantastic.  But, after realizing that our family time was superlimited during the school year on top of our concerns about class size and school size, we prayerfully made the switch to Veritas, a University Model school in town.  Our kids will be going to school 2 full days each week and then on 2 additional days, they will be doing work at home with me and my mom as their “co-teachers”.

With this in mind, I needed an organizational system for all of their work.  So, I made these drawers (Thanks to my friend Mollie for the idea.) This type of a system is ideal for home school or University Model, but it would also work for full time schools as it is an easy way to organize homework and permission slips and papers and everything else.

What you need:

  • A set of drawers with enough drawers to fit your child’s needs.  If you have one child, that means 3-4, if you have multiple children, more.  You could use plastic drawers or a metal file cabinet or a wire mesh drawer set like ours.
  • Velcro (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 for 16 squares.  I needed two packages.  I got the already sticky stuff, but if you get the kind without a sticky backing, you may need to use hot glue or craft glue to glue them on.)
  • A variety of patches.  (See below for instructions.)

What to do:

1.  Write out a plan for your drawers.  Here’s my plan:

  • Drawers that contain work for Joey would have a soccer ball on them.
  • Drawers that contain work for Kate would have a bird.
  • Drawers that the kids could do on their own without adult help would have a red star.
  • Drawers that required assistance would have a rainbow.
  • Drawers that are finished and checked get a yellow star.

2.  Stick 2-3 squares of Velcro on every drawer.  Stick opposite side of velcro onto a patch.

3.  Put extra velcro squares on the side to hold patches that aren’t in use.

4.  As your child’s work comes in, fill the drawers with the things they need (worksheets, books, paper) and then use the patches to label.  Then, when the kids start school, they can choose the order they work in and what they want to do.  As long as the drawers are empty and everything is checked, they are ready to go.