A Good Deal for Everyone: Charlotte’s Bag

A Good Deal for Everyone:  Charlotte’s Bag


charlottebagLook at this adorable bag!  Made by a talented team of seamstresses in Rwanda, this bag is not only practical and cute, but each purchase helps these women to keep their families out of poverty.

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One of the seamstresses, Astrida, shared her story on the blog:

“Astrida is the daughter of a village chief from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Her husband, Zed, was a respected teacher. In 1998, rebels came into her village and killed her father and captured her husband, Zed. She escaped with their two-year old son, Joel, to Rwanda. Her husband was captured and beaten by the rebels to the point where his back is in constant pain, he walks slowly and cannot stand for more than an hour. Her husband escaped to Rwanda and searched until he found his wife and son. They have struggled to find consistent work because of his injury. At one point, she told him to leave and return to the DRC where he could find work. He said they would never separate again. Recently his back injury forced him to resign from his teaching position at a local Congolese school. With four children to feed and send to school, they did not know what to do. Astrida says, “This is the first time I have sensed hope in years.”

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  1. Ooh, I love that you are featuring these types of “good deals”. I’m trying to be more aware of items I purchase, especially since I have a daughter from China. Thanks for the reminder.