A Good Deal for Everyone: Recess Monkey CDs

A Good Deal for Everyone:  Recess Monkey CDs


I’ve been really wanting to feature some cool kid’s gifts and I’m telling you, it’s HARD to find kid’s gifts that I know are made by people who pay attention to social justice!  It seems like so many toy companies make their toys in countries where there are notorious high rates of child labor and slave labor.  Ick.  I have found some cool toys and I will be featuring them, but I wanted to start with some music.

I’ve been working with the kindie rock band Recess Monkey on a work project lately and they are SO awesome.  Not only are the band members GREAT musicians, but they are also really hip and cool and trendy and… they care about kids.  The lead singer is a teacher and the band lead, Jack Forman used to be teacher.  They care about things like education and opportunity for kids and they work hard to bring educational opportunities to kids, especially in their community.

Plus, their music is awesome.  My two-year-old requests their song “Fish Sticks” every time we hop in the car and my older two kids keep their CD’s playing on their iPods pretty consistently.  PLUS, the music is totally not-annoying to me… I was getting pretty sick of listening to songs I hate in the car but I totally love Recess Monkey.  I don’t even mind when my kids ask me to turn the volume up.

Buy Recess Monkey CDs here