A Good Deal for Everyone: Aquafarm Fish Tank

A Good Deal for Everyone:  Aquafarm Fish Tank


We have a new member in our family, a beta fish named Sea Mose Shark Fang.  And he lives in our brand new Aquafarm.  You guys, this Aquafarm is so cool.  It’s a fish tank with a live herb garden above.  The fish feeds the plants and the plants clean the water with a lovely eco-friendly synergy.  Cool, right?

Even cooler:  I got my Aquafarm from Uncommon Goods, a new company that I just found out about.  Uncommon Goods has tons of great gifts (trust me, I’ll be featuring more) but my favorite thing about the company is that they are committed to socially just buying practices.  Yes, that’s right, their entire business model focuses on buying products that don’t cause harm to animals or humans– so anything you buy on their site you can trust was made in a socially just way.

Anyway, we love the fish tank!  My kids and I got it all set up and then headed for the pet store to pick out our new pet.  We planted our seeds on the top and are anxiously waiting for them to sprout.  (I had to remind my kids several times that plants don’t grow in a day!).  Anyway, this would make a fantastic gift for a kid who loves science and animals and plants… and a fantastic gift for a mom (like me!) who doesn’t like to clean icky fish tanks but loves to give her kids experiences like owning a pet.

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