Bonus Post: A Great (and possibly FREE!) Book

Bonus Post:  A Great (and possibly FREE!) Book

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This is my friend Jennifer’s book, The Hundred.  It’s a middle grade sci-fi novel (think J.R.R. Tolkein or C.S. Lewis) that’s set millions of years in the future when humans no longer live on earth.  Instead, brilliantly creative creatures conspire and converse in this beautifully detailed and compelling tale.  I loved it!  If you have anyone on your gift list that’s in the 10-15 year old set, I think this would make a great gift.  (Note:  I had Joey try to read it and it’s a bit above his level so I’m guessing it’s for approximately fourth grade and up.)

Buy it here.

OR Enter to win a free copy on Goodreads.  Contest ends Nov. 30th.  Enter here.


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  1. I love Erin! Thanks so much for featuring my book. I hope young people (YA, MG, or otherwise) will find this to be an inspiring and adventurous read.