Pintastic Christmas Day 1: The Twelve Days of Christmas Books

Pintastic Christmas Day 1:  The Twelve Days of Christmas Books


Thank you for joining me for my Pintastic Christmas celebration!  I’ll be posting a new craft or activity every weekday between now and Christmas so be sure to check back every morning and head to the Pintastic Christmas Pinterest Board to see all of our other activities, traditions and ideas.


This is a tradition that I’ve been doing since Joey was born… and I think it’s the tradition my kids look forward to more than any other.  They were talking about it last week, counting down the days until December 1st so we could start.  Here’s what we do:

Every year after Christmas, I give my kids the job of wrapping all of our Christmas books in leftover wrapping paper Bonus:  I don’t have to store extra wrapping paper all year.  Then, I store the books away all wrapped.  (Note:  You can totally wrap your books, now, I’m just giving you a hint to get ahead next year.)

Then, every day in December, they get to open one “new” book and we read it together under the Christmas tree.  At this point, we have waaay more than 24 books, (last count we had 53) so some nights we get to open two.  It’s a great way to re-introduce the Christmas books into the reading rotation and the kids get so excited when they open a new favorite.


  1. Love this idea!

  2. I love the idea of having kids wrap the books. I was wrapping some of ours last night. I also wrap our Christmas movies.