Pintastic Christmas Day 2: Wooden Stamp Cards

Pintastic Christmas Day 2:  Wooden Stamp Cards


Thank you for joining me for my Pintastic Christmas celebration! I’ll be posting a new craft or activity every weekday between now and Christmas so be sure to check back every morning and head to the Pintastic Christmas Pinterest Board to see all of our other activities, traditions and ideas.

Today we made wooden stamp cards.  I loved this craft!  It looked so complicated but it was really, really easy and the cards my kids ended up making are just gorgeous.

woodenstampcardsWhat you need:

  1. A wooden block (I bought wooden blocks for .49 cents at Hobby Lobby)
  2. Wood carving tools or an exacto knife (I got a full tool set for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  3. Acryllic Paint
  4. Foam paint brush
  5. Cardstock

What to do:

  1. Fold the cardstock to make cards
  2. Have your kids sketch a simple doodle on the wooden blocks (mine drew stars and Christmas trees)
  3. Use the carving tools to etch the doodle out of the wood (I let my older kids do this by themselves)
  4. Use the foam brush to carefully paint over the block.
  5. Stamp down (be careful not to move) and remove the block.
  6. Let dry then decorate your cards!