Pintastic Christmas Day 3: Christmas Tree Dippers

Pintastic Christmas Day 3:  Christmas Tree Dippers


Thank you for joining me for my Pintastic Christmas celebration! I’ll be posting a new craft or activity every weekday between now and Christmas so be sure to check back every morning and head to the Pintastic Christmas Pinterest Board to see all of our other activities, traditions and ideas.

christmasdippersAgain, this is an idea that I know most of you do (or have done) but my kids love it so much that I thought I’d share it.  Today, I made Christmas tree dippers (grilled cheese) with turkey noodle soup for dinner and they LOVED dipping the trees into their soup.  I’m also planning on making snowman dippers this week… snowmen dipped in tomato soup.  Mmmmmm!!

(I’m pretty sure you don’t need instructions, but just in case, make normal grilled cheese and use a Christmas cookie cutter to cut out the shapes.  I eat the crusts, I give my kids the dippers, we’re all happy…)