Pintastic Christmas Day 5: Candy Cane Ornaments

Pintastic Christmas Day 5:  Candy Cane Ornaments


Thank you for joining me for my Pintastic Christmas celebration! I’ll be posting a new craft or activity every weekday between now and Christmas so be sure to check back every morning and head to the Pintastic Christmas Pinterest Board to see all of our other activities, traditions and ideas.

I’m sure you’ve made these ornaments a hundred times… remember second grade?  But the reason I’m featuring these is because it was the first craft that my two-year-old was able to do by himself.  He loved it!  And he was so proud that he was able to do it.  He even started doing a pattern after some practice.

candycaneornamentsWhat you need:

  1. Green pipe cleaners
  2. Red and white plastic beads

What to do:

It’s pretty simple (hence, my two-year-old doing it by himself):  Let your kids string beads onto the pipe cleaners, repeat.