A Simple Reminder to Pray

A Simple Reminder to Pray

Pray for Michelle(3)

I have a friend who really needs prayer.

Her name is Michele Cushatt and she was just diagnosed for the second time with a terrible, horrible, awful (have I made it clear that it’s horrendous?) form of mouth cancer that is not only really painful, but requires an equally horrible treatment regiment.  The good news is that her prognosis is good (praise God!) but the bad news is that the next few months will be really difficult for her.

I wish I could fly to Colorado and snatch the pain right away from her, but I can’t.  But I serve a God who moves powerfully and miraculously and mysteriously.  And he is much, much bigger than Michele’s cancer.  And I’m praying right now and every day that he not only removes her pain and gives her peace in the months to come, but that he uses this trial in life to move mountains for His kingdom.  He can do that.  We need only ask.

Last week when my dear friend Kathi Lipp was visiting when we heard about Michele’s diagnosis.  We sat in tears wondering how we could help and both came to the conclusion that prayer was the most powerful way.  But we both wanted a tangible reminder to pray—something to remind us every day to bring Michele before our Lord.  That’s when Kathi had an idea:  She wanted to buy bracelets for Michele’s friends and sisters in prayer to give them a tangible and daily reminder to pray and pray often for our dear friend.

The next day, we found these beautiful bracelets from one of our favorite companies, Noonday Collection.  We loved the bracelets… not only because they are adorable, but because they are made in Ethiopia out of recycled bullets by women marginalized by HIV.  So, by buying these bracelets, we not only help Michele as she fights her battle, but we help women who are facing their own battles as well.

Kathi purchased a bracelet for me and I’ve been wearing it daily, stopping to pray for Michele whenever it catches my eye.  I love the reminder and even more I love lifting my friend before her Lord.

Now comes your part.  We know that many of you have been touched my Michele.  Her blog and her speaking and her upcoming book speak to many hearts.  And we all want to do something to help.  So now is your chance.  We ask you to pray and pray fervently for Michele during this time.  Pray for hope.  Pray for healing.  Pray for peace.  Pray for a miracle.  And, if you would like to join us with a Michele prayer bracelet, you can purchase them here.  They come in a set of three for $39 or you can purchase an individual one for $15 in either orange or yellow.

We pray that not only will these bracelets will serve as a simple reminder for you to pray and that Michelle will be encouraged as her community and tribe surrounds her with love and prayers.  If you do get a bracelet, please snap a picture of your wrist and send it to Michelle so she knows you’re praying.


  1. Praying for Michelle and I love the idea of having a reminder to lift her up in prayer each day. Beautiful!

  2. Sending up a prayer for Michelle. I usually set up an alarm on my phone or my to-do app tat reminds me to stop & pray for someone, or a specific situation….but for a special friend, this is a beautiful reminder! She is blessed to be covered by so many prayer warriors!