Letters from Kids Part 7

I love a good letter from one of my kids.  So much so that I often have them write letters to me or their teachers or whoever as they think about how they could change a certain behavior.  Anyway, I thought I’d post a few and share them with you… and I hope that you will email me–erin@christianmamasguide.com with your own letters… I’d love to share them!

This is probably my favorite one EVER.

I’m sorry Mrs. Camarillo for distracting kids from the math lesson. I’m sorry for being Late to school because I had a bad attitude at home. Cause I threw a fit because I didn’t want to read my reader because I already read it at school so then I had to read it in my bed and then read it to my mom again and I didn’t want to stay at home anymore so I threw another fit. Love, Joey

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  1. Ha ha! I love this so much! Way to take responsibility, little man!