Welcome to Camp Mom

Welcome to Camp Mom


I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more summer activities like I posted last year in my Pintastic Summer Series.  And, while that was SUPERfun, it was also SUPERexhausting and I’m not sure I’m ready to do it again.

But I have a new plan!

After looking into summer camp for my kids and finding out that many cost around $250 per week (gulp!) my sisters and I decided to do our own camp.  Hence, the invention of “Camp Mom.” And while Camp Mom doesn’t come with a pedicure break for you (boo!), it does come with lots of family fun, bonding, learning (all at a much lower price tag!)

And so, this summer, my sisters and I are going to plan several amazing, awesome and totally fun themed at-home “camp days” for all of the cousins in our family.  We’ll pick a theme.  We’ll pick an idea.  And we’ll pick loads of fun activities and then do them with our kids (ages range from 1-8).  Then we’ll snap some pictures and post them along with instructions and ideas on my blog so that you can easily plan your own Camp Mom days.  Sounds fun, right?

I love the idea of having something focused, planned and specific to do during long summer days– and I love the idea of getting together with friends or family for some good old-fashioned memory making.

You’re in, right?  Good, because Camp Mom starts now.  So fill your cup with a nice iced latte and get ready to learn, to laugh and to get a bit dirty.

Welcome to Camp Mom!

(P.S.  Please email your own camp mom pictures to erin@christianmamasguide.com.  Also, if you’re interested in planning your own Camp Mom day and serving as a guest blogger, let me know.  I’d love to host you!)



  1. Fun! Maybe I can do a camp Oma day too!

  2. I’m ready!!