Camp Mom Day 2: The Wettest Water Day Ever

Camp Mom Day 2:  The Wettest Water Day Ever


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For Day 2 of Camp Mom, we put the kids in swimsuits and decided to get wet, wet, wet.  We started the day out making sponge balls.  They look complicated but they are SO easy.  Basically, buy a jumbo-sized economy pack of sponges and cut them into strips.  Have the kids take 6-8 strips and pile them into a stack.  Then tie them up with dental floss.  Once they are tied, have the kids dunk them into pools or a bowl of water and throw them.  We had some throwing at each other (shocking when we have 4 boys) but they are actually remarkably soft.  The kids loved them.

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Next, we went into the front yard where my brother had built a tin-foil boat track.  It went down the hill and the kids floated colored boats down the track.  The boats were made by filling a muffin tin with water and adding a few drops of food coloring to each muffin tin.  Later, when the ice was slushy, we added straws with construction paper sails.  As the boats sailed down the river, they melted and turned the water colors.

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Next, we used the same ramp to float water beads down.  This was a HUGE hit as the beats trickled down like schools of fish.  The kids loved this and played with the beads for hours.

photo 5(3)photo 1(12)

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Next up was snack time.  We laid out beach towels on the lawn and gave the kids tropical smoothies (kale, coconut milk, frozen tropical fruit) complete with tiny umbrellas.

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Next up was our arctic animal rescue.  We froze plastic animals into blocks of ice.  (Tip from my scientist brother:  Fill the container with ice cubes to keep the animals mixed throughout and then fill with water and freeze.).  Then, we gave the kids cups of warm, colored salt water and a bunch of tools (syringes, paintbrushes, forks) to chip away at the ice and rescue the animals.  They LOVED this.  The older kids worked on their block for more than an hour and the little ones were focused for over 30 minutes.  Total win.

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We ended the morning with a sea-themed lunch.  We started with Nemo Crackers.  We had the kids spread cream cheese with a tiny bit of blue food coloring.  Then they added broccoli and cauliflower “trees” and goldish.

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We also had “Squid and Sea Shells”– turkey hot dogs cut like squid with shells and  cheese.  Finally, to culminate the day, we decorated cupcakes with blue sprinkles and Swedish fish for dessert.

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  1. What fun ideas!!!

  2. Great ideas! Even for 78-year-old granmas.