25 Simple, Inexpensive and Totally Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Hi everyone!  On our podcast this week, Kathi and I promised you a list of our favorite simple (no major crafting ability required) and inexpensive yet totally thoughtful gift ideas.



Gifts Under $10

1.  Send a friend a $10 gift card to Amazon* along with a list of the 10 best books you’ve read this year.

2.  Buy a package of colored straws and tie a ribbon around them.  Add a six-pack of your favorite soda.   (I saw Pumpkin Pie soda at the grocery story the other day!  Crazy, right?)

3.  These initial earrings are only $4.99 and they are SO cute.  And I love this monogram necklace for $8.95.  Personalized jewelry is so popular and very personal, which shows that you were thinking about someone.

4.  Make a modern mixed tape by putting together an amazing playlist of your favorite songs on Amazon and then sending a gift card to pay for the downloads.

5. These cute personalized wooden signs are perfect for a cute newly married couple (or someone that is so in love that they still act like newlyweds).  And they are $9.99!  Score.

Gifts You Can Make Without Morphing Into Martha

6.  Kathi mentioned that she makes homemade vanilla extract for her friends using Madagascar Vanilla beans soaked for a few weeks in vodka.  I can attest this is AMAZING… I tried it on my oatmeal at Kathi’s house and was swooning.  You can pick up a jumbo-pack of 24-30 of the vanilla beans here and bottles here.  (By the way, I priced this out and you can make up to 24 bottles of vanilla for approximately $4 each… score on the fancy gift for cheap!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.54.01 AM7.  Aren’t these Scrabble Tile coasters cute?  The best part? You can buy a pack of Scrabble letters for $4 on Amazon, which means these coasters are supercheap.



8.  I know this is a bit trite, but homemade cookies on a cute plate are always a hit.  Or if you want to be a bit more creative, try homemade biscotti.

9.  One of my favorite handmade gifts is a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread (or banana bread) wrapped in a festive kitchen towel.  These are the towels I used last year and they were so cute because the Christmas tree showed.

10.  You know those adorable hair ties that everyone is wearing these days?  You can make them by buying folded elastic at the fabric store, cutting it into 8 inch strips and tying.  Viola!

Personalized Gifts For Those Who Are Hard to Buy For

11.  Make a movie night basket or box for a movie lover (or a family with lots of young kids.)  Include some bags of popcorn, some redvines, a bottle of soda and a gift certificate for instant streaming video.

12.  Pick out a personalized dog collar and give it to your dog-loving friend along with a bag of treats and a new dog toy.

13.  Make a “tour of our town” gift for a friend– pick up gift certificates for favorite restaurants, museums, coffee shops and dessert spots and send your friend or family member on an adventure.

14.  Get a personalized makeup bag (LOVE this one) and fill it with sample sizes of your very favorite lip glosses, lotions, makeup sets, bath oils, etc.

15. These customizable dry-erase calendars are a lot of fun and perfect for that person who needs to add a bit of organization to her new year.

Websites Where You’ll Find Awesome Gift Ideas Every Time

16.  I love Stitch Fix— you fill in a huge questionnaire about your style likes/dislikes and then you get a box of clothes shipped to you with picks (and a free return envelope!)  If you’re a guy and want to blow your wife away, give her a gift certificate and let the fun begin.

17.  Zulily consistently has a plethora of fun, creative gifts.  Recently, we’ve seen amazing Toms boots, classic toys and even a cool popcorn popper.  Pick up a gift card or go shopping for something fun.

18.  Another great site for finding fun, unique gifts is jane.com.  I love their personalized stuff and their state-specific stuff.  I found a Texas-themed necklace on there the other day that I’ve been obsessing over.

19.  Noonday Collection.  Of course.  I’ve told the story often that last Christmas my kids would see a brown box, they would say “YAY!  It’s a Noonday!”  Because they KNEW that if the gift was a Noonday Collection piece, I would love it.

20.  Groupon.  I know this is boring because everyone knows about it, but for buying experiential gifts (ie. restaurants or museums or zoo tickets) nothing compares.

Free or Supercheap Gifts

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.01.39 PM21.  Aren’t these letters adorable?  Write a series of letters to your friend/family member that they can open whenever they are feeling lonely, sad, happy, excited or just need a pick-me-up.

22.  Search “printables” on Pinterest and put together a printable kit for a friend.  Try home decor printables for someone who just moved or kid’s activity sheets for the mom who just needs a break.

23.  Have you seen this cool filing system gift for a new mom?  We love it, but we were thinking this could be really cool for a lot of people.  Put together a system to organize your friend’s mail.  Or schoolwork.  Or clothing bins.

24.  Go to Starbucks and pick up two of their “free music download of the week cards” several weeks in a row.  Give the stack to a friend with a note as to what you liked about each song.

25.  These Christmas Prints are such a festive way to get in the Christmas spirit.  And they are BOGO… buy one get one… so they end up being $3 each!

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  1. Love the amazon giftcard with the book list idea!!

  2. its really cool idea of amazon gift card giving as a gift and in bonus with suggestion of book its really beautiful idea.