It’s 9:38 am on Mother’s Day. Here’s What I’ve Heard So Far.

1.  “Good morning mama!  We were going to wake Daddy up so you could sleep in but he was grumpy so we woke you up instead.”  — Kate

2.  “You smell like a bakery.” — Joey


3. “Daddy is taking too long in the bathroom. Can you just make breakfast for him instead? We’re tired of waiting.” — Kate

4.  Kate: “Will, you go in and distract mommy so she won’t see us making breakfast.”
Will: “What should I do?”
Kate: “Just act really wild and wrestle with her in bed so she doesn’t get bored reading all alone.”

5. “Mommy, does dark chocolate give you hiccups?  Cause if it does, can eat it for you.” — Will

6.  Kate: “Do you need anything mommy?”
Me:  “Sure, how about some coffee.”
Kate:  “You’ve got it.”  (Runs into the other room)
Kate: “Daddy, what do you do to make coffee?”
Cam: “Just stick a little pod in and press brew.”
Kate: (Screaming!) The coffee machine is broken! On Mother’s Day! Now Mom can never have coffee again.”
Cam: “You didn’t turn it on.”

7.  “You are pretty as a rose and sweet as a lollypop.”  — Kate   (Note:  We *may* need to work on descriptive writing skills.)


8. “Why do I have to clear the table off?  Mom is sitting right there!”  — Joey

9.  Will:  “Can I use your iPad?”
Me:  “I’m reading a novel on it.”
Will:  “You’re just reading.  Why can’t I use it for something more important?”

10.  “Do you want to go to Burgerfi for Mother’s Day lunch after church?”  — Joey


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  1. Motherhood in a nutshell right there! Thank you for the laugh this morning :)