Throw Out Your Old Ratty Underwear (And Other Things You Can Do To Make Your Man Smile)

Throw Out Your Old Ratty Underwear (And Other Things You Can Do To Make Your Man Smile)



I am the worst at underwear.

I have been ever since I got married.  My friends threw me this lovely wedding shower where I received dozens of pairs of lovely underwear and bras and what did I do with them?  I put them in a drawer.  With a cute little sachet to make sure they smelled fresh.  And there they sit fifteen years later because, well, those old cotton underwear with the little mugs of hot cocoa on them and the frayed waistband are just. so. comfortable.  And, honestly, why would I wear a thong if I could wear…. the cocoa panties.

My husband has never seemed to care, but when I started working on Hot Mama, my co-author Kathi Lipp had a little talk with me.  And by talk, it was a come-to-Jesus-and-get-yourself-some-new-underwear kind of lecture.  Apparently if I’m going to write a book about sex, then I need walk the walk and wear the panties, too.

So I very grudgingly headed to my underwear drawer.

“Throw out anything that is grungy, dingy, has holes, is frayed, or that you’ve had in your drawer since 1996,” she told me.  And so I did.  And I had three pairs left.

Sad, right? Three. Pairs.  And I want to be really clear that I’m not saying the cocoa underwear weren’t functional and totally fine, but if I’m going to try to be all Hot Mama in 2016 (and I am, aren’t you?) I had to make some changes.

So it was shopping time.

I headed to True & Co first because they have this cool “find your perfect underwear” thing where you take a quiz and tell them that you hate thongs and you need some extra support and it gives you suggestions on what works for you.  Cool, right?  I ordered a couple of lacy pairs that even my Hot Mama friends would approve of.  I headed to Soma next for my basics because they have these underwear that have sticky stuff on the backside that makes it so they don’t slide up and I know it sounds totally crazy but they are a-may-zing.  So I nabbed a 5-for-$35 deal there.

And you guys, it may seem like a little thing, but when I wake up in the morning and I put on a pair of underwear that are, well, nice, then I feel hot.  And when I feel hot, I act confident.  And when I act confident, well….well, this is something I probably should have figured out fifteen years ago.

But whatever.  I figured it out now.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all about my underwear (which I know you were dying to hear about) is because I have a new book that released yesterday!  It’s a short e-book mini in our Hot Mama series that was written to give Hot Mamas 10 easy things they can do to revamp their wardrobe to feel confident and sexy.  It’s a really fun one– and we had lots of amazing help from amazing stylists so you’ll be sure to get some good (and inexpensive) ideas on how to revamp your wardrobe (and your underwear drawer) today.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 10.53.23 AM

Get the book here.  Its only $1.99 for a couple of weeks.  And be sure to tell me what you think.