About Me


Hi!  I’m Erin.  I’m a 36-year-old mom of three. And, if we’re being honest, I’m not really qualified to guide anyone on anything.

My house is a mess, my kitchen chair is covered in glitter glue and I just stuffed an entire load of clean, dry laundry into a laundry basket without folding it.  The last time I attempted a craft with my kids, it ended in a tempra-paint induced meltdown (from me, not my kids).  I’m not particularly organized or style-savvy or discipline-wise.

But, I am a mom.  And a Christian.  And I love to write about life and parenting and God and every place where those three things intersect.

So, welcome!  Pull up a chair. Get comfortable.  I can’t wait to meet and connect with other moms like me– moms who just love their husbands, love their kids and love their not-so-organized, not-so-crafty and not-so-fashionable lives.  I’d love to hear your stories, your ideas and your thoughts and (if you have any) your potty training advice.

Thanks for coming.  I can’t wait to get to know you better!