Hi! We are Kate and Haddie. Welcome to our jewelry shop! We live in Austin, Texas and we love to make jewelry. So we opened a jewelry shop.

We make custom beaded and metal earrings and necklaces and hair ties for girls who want to show off their school colors.

Recently, there was a huge flood in Austin and tons of our neighbors lost their homes and cars. So we wanted to use our shop for good so we are donating profits from our new school spirit line and custom spirit line to help with flood relief through Austin Disaster Relief Network.

Thank you for your interest!

Love, Kate and Haddie

Instructions: All jewelry is custom-made. If you could like to order, you can send us an email at emacphe @ gmail.com or you can click on one of the images below that you like and make a comment on our Facebook page. We will get back to you.

If you want something from the spirit jewelry line, tell us your team’s colors and mascot and we’ll make you something.

If you want something from the custom initial line, tell us your initial and what colors.

We are always willing to try something new so let us know what you want!