Got friends?

I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this is going to say yes. Of course you have friends—friends from church, friends from school, friends on Facebook, friends on Twitter.

But, I’d like to challenge you to redefine friendship.

God didn’t call us to be the type of friend who makes small talk over coffee after church or who writes the occasional “What’s up?!” on a Facebook wall. God called us to life in fellowship with one-another. To live passionately. To love completely. To be the kind of friend who would drive 200 miles at 3 am to help a friend in need.

And being that type of friend takes work. And prayer. And most likely several cartons of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

When I come to speak at your group, I will challenge you to look inside your heart and explore how you can live your life comfortably in the community where God placed you… and how you can slip off your sometimes-pretentious high heels and slip on a pair of flip flops and become the friend that God created you to be.